MikMod-Related Information

The MikMod Homepage - the homepage for the (ANSI C-based) MikMod project.

MikMod for Java 1.1 Applets - a Port of JMikMod to Java 1.1, with some other changes to make it suitable for using in Java 1.1-compatible applets.

Other Players

  • Extended Module Player (XMP) and libxmp - an open source (LGPLed) MOD playing library written in C, that supports a very large number of MOD formats. Has a JavaScript port (via Emscripten).

  • libmodplug - a C++ library similar to libmikmod that plays several types of MOD files. Reportedly of higher quality than MikMod. Public Domain.

  • ANA-MP - a MOD-playing Library for Java that supports the .MOD, .XM, and .S3M formats. LGPL.

  • JavaMod - a standalone Java-based player that plays .MOD, .XM. .S3M and .mp3's. GPL.

MOD Collections and Portals

The Mod Archive - contains thousands of MODs sorted alphabetically, with descriptions, reviews and a search facility.

Aminet MOD Collection - a large but not too organized collection of MOD files of various types.

ModPlug.Com - a premiere MOD portal.

General MOD Information

The alt.binaries.sounds.mods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List - a relatively old, but still pertinent document about MOD files and related software.