About MikMod for Java

MikMod for Java is a Java port of the ANSI C MOD Player MikMod by Jean-Paul Mikkers and others. It was derived from version 2.14 of the player and so still lacks some features of recent versions such as support for the IT format.

MOD files (or Amiga Soundtracker files) are music files that contain audio samples and then create different notes based on these samples, by changing their frequency.

Formats Supported

  • MOD - 15 Channels.
  • MOD - 31 Channels
  • MTM
  • STM - ScreamTracker version 2.0 format
  • S3M - ScreamTracker version 3.0 format
  • XM
  • 669
  • ULT - Ultra Tracker.
  • UNI - (MikMod's own internal format)


Original ANSI C Version by Jean-Paul Mikkers, with contributions from Steve McIntyre and others.

Porting to Java by Shlomi Fish.

Input and corrections by: Urban D. Mueller.

JavaX Sound Driver by Tobias Braun.