MikMod for Java

Welcome to the MikMod for Java homepage. MikMod for Java is a Java-based player for various kinds of MOD files (including MOD, S3M, XM and MTM). It is based on the original MikMod ANSI C codebase.

MikMod for Java is open source, and is distributed under the public domain in source and binary forms.

Note! If you want to play MOD files in the browser, then a better option is likely the JavaScript/WebAudio port of libxmp.



The source of the player and this site was moved to a GitHub repository, but it is unlikely to be of much interest to anyone.


MikMod for Java version 0.4.0 was released. This release includes an Apache Ant build file, a driver for rendering WAV files, and a javax.sound driver for outputting sound at run-time.